Emergency First Response Provider (EFR)

PADI Emergency First Response course

Total time commitment:

1 days


Maximum  5 members


PADI eLearning or Poseidon Class Room

Piratical : Poseidon Diving Centre

What is the PADI Emergency First Response Course?

Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course is designed to teach various medical emergencies-related skills, including dealing with life-threatening situations, assessing patient’s conditions, and taking appropriate action. You will learn how to identify and treat serious injuries such as spinal injuries, shock, and how to provide basic life support. The course curriculum is based on internationally recognised Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care standards. The course is also beneficial for those who want to learn the basics of first aid for personal reasons.

After completing the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course, you will gain knowledge and confidence to handle medical emergencies in any situation – at home, at work, or while travelling. You can also go ahead and become a PADI Rescue Diver, which requires this course as a prerequisite.

Emergency First Response course sri lanka

EFR Course Schedule

For those who love diving, safety should always be a top priority. That’s why Poseidon Diving Centre in Hikkaduwa and Trincomalee offers the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course. This training takes three to four hours each day, and you can choose from different schedules that suit your needs.

You can also opt for eLearning and cover the theoretical part of the course at your own pace. Whether you choose the eLearning option or attend a classroom session, you’ll benefit from the experience of the centre’s qualified instructors. Once you’re ready for the practical sessions, you’ll get hands-on practice of first aid skills on training mannequins. At the end of this comprehensive course, you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with medical emergencies effectively.

What we can Improve in PADI Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course

This course covers a wide range of emergency response skills, including how to recognize and respond to choking, shock, and spinal injuries. Participants will also learn how to properly use first aid equipment, handle bleeding and wounds, and administer medications. Additionally, the course covers the use of CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) in case of a cardiac arrest.

Value of  PADI Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course

After completing the PADI Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course, participants receive the EFR Primary and Secondary Care course completion card. This internationally recognized card is valid for two years and can be used to meet prerequisites for other PADI courses.

Where you can follow PADI Emergency First Response Provider in Sri Lanka?

This course is available at all Poseidon Diving Centres. Poseidon diving center is the first five-star PADI diving center in Sri Lanka and has been in operation for 50 years. EFR is available at the best price in Hikkaduwa (October to April South Coast) and Nilaveli Trincomalee (April to September East Coast).

South Cost

Hikkaduwa Diving Centre

October – April

East Cost

Nilaveli Diving Centre

April – October

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