PADI digital underwater photographer course

PADI digital underwater photographer course

Total time commitment:

1 Day




Maximum  5 members


Piratical : Poseidon Diving Centres

What is Digital Underwater Photographer Course?

The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course is designed to teach divers how to use a digital camera to capture and edit underwater images. The course covers the basics of underwater photography, including the selection and use of underwater cameras, lighting techniques, composition, and image editing. You will also learn how to handle technical issues, such as how to deal with water pressure and the effects of color loss on photographs. This course is perfect for anyone who has an interest in underwater photography or for those who want to improve their skills and techniques.

What are the Qualifications We Need to Do PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course?

To enroll in the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course, you must have a PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent. You must also have some basic experience in using a camera, whether it’s a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera. If you are new to photography, don’t worry, as the course covers the basics, and you will learn how to use a camera.

Digital Underwater Photographer Certification Course Schedule

At Poseidon Diving Centres, the Digital Underwater Photographer course is offered as a one-day course, which includes two open water dives. The two dives give you ample opportunity to practice your newly learned skills.

eLearning PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course

For those who want to start the course before arriving at the dive centre, you can complete the classroom portion of the course through eLearning. eLearning allows you to learn anywhere, anytime and at your own pace, and is an excellent option for those with a busy schedule.

What Can We Improve by Following Digital Underwater Photographer Certification?

Following the Digital Underwater Photographer certification, you will be able to improve your dive photography skills and take stunning photographs that capture the beauty and vibrancy of the marine life. You will learn how to deal with color loss, water pressure, and lighting issues and discover new techniques to edit your images.

What are the Advantages of Following Digital Underwater Photographer Course?

Following the Digital Underwater Photographer course, you will earn a certification that demonstrates your skills and knowledge in underwater photography. Your certification is recognized worldwide, and it is an excellent addition to your scuba diving qualifications. You will also have the ability to capture stunning images of the underwater world and create unforgettable memories of your scuba diving experiences.

Where you can follow PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Certification Course in Sri Lanka?

This course is available at all Poseidon Diving Centres. Poseidon diving center is the first five-star PADI diving center in Sri Lanka and has been in operation for 50 years. DUP course certification is available at the best price in Hikkaduwa (October to April South Coast) and Nilaveli Trincomalee (April to September East Coast).

South Cost

Hikkaduwa Diving Centre

November – April

East Cost

Nilaveli Diving Centre

April – October

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