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Piratical : Poseidon Diving Centres

What is PADI Deep Dive certification Course?

The PADI deep diver certification course is specially designed to give divers the skills and knowledge required to dive to depths of up to 40 meters. The course is ideal for experienced divers who would like to take their diving skills to the next level and explore the deeper parts of the ocean. The course covers various aspects such as planning, organizing, and executing deep dives, dealing with potential risks, and managing gas consumption.

What are the qualifications we need to do PADI Deep Dive certification?

To enroll in the PADI deep dive certification course, you need to be at least 15 years old, have completed the PADI Advanced Open Water certification, and have logged at least 20 dives. You also need to be in good physical health and complete a medical questionnaire before starting the course.

PADI Deep Diver Course Schedule

At Poseidon Diving Centre, the PADI Deep Dive certification course takes 3-4 days to complete, depending on your availability and the course schedule. The course is conducted by highly experienced and qualified instructors who will guide you through every aspect of the course.

What we can improve follow deep dive certification?

The PADI deep dive certification course equips divers with advanced diving skills, which enable them to explore the deep underwater world with more confidence. Besides technical skills, the course also improves your physical and mental health by cultivating discipline, patience, and awareness. In addition, the course enables you to develop a deeper understanding of the ocean ecosystem and, thus, cultivates respect for nature.

What are the advantages after following deep dive certification?

The PADI deep dive certification unlocks new depths of adventure, enabling you to explore deeper reefs and shipwrecks that were previously out of reach. The certification also opens up new diving opportunities for you on your future dive trips, making your dive experience more immersive and exciting. Furthermore, the certification is recognized worldwide, making it easier for you to join other deep dive trips and connect with other scuba divers.

Where you can follow PADI Deep Diver Course in Sri Lanka?

This course is available at all Poseidon Diving Centres. Poseidon diving center is the first five-star PADI diving center in Sri Lanka and has been in operation for 50 years. PADI Deep Diver certification is available at the best price in Hikkaduwa (October to April South Coast) and Nilaveli Trincomalee (April to September East Coast).

South Cost

Hikkaduwa Diving Centre

October – April

East Cost

Nilaveli Diving Centre

April – October

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