PADI Bubblemaker Program

PADI Bubblemaker Program

Total time commitment:

1 days



6ft  maximum  2m / 6ft


Maximum  5 members

Piratical :

What is the Bubblemaker Program?

The PADI Bubblemaker Program is a diving course designed for kids aged between 8-10 years old who wants to explore the underwater world in a safe and fun environment. This program allows kids to breathe underwater for the first time, and experience the thrill of scuba diving without any pressure or serious commitment. The program is led by experienced PADI instructors who will teach the basic safety rules and skills in shallow water. The maximum depth is shallow  only 2m, which gives the kids a chance to get comfortable with the gear and the water.

What are the qualifications need for Bubblemaker Program?

The PADI Bubblemaker Program is open to kids between the ages of 8-10 years old who are comfortable in the water. No prior experience or certification is necessary. The only requirement is that your child should be comfortable wearing the scuba gear and be able to breathe through the regulator. All the necessary equipment, including the tank, regulator, fins, and mask, will be provided by Poseidon Diving Centre.

What can we improve in the Bubblemaker Program?

While the PADI Bubblemaker Program is a fantastic way for kids to take their first step into the world of scuba diving, there is always room for improvement. One suggestion is to include a theoretical part to the course, where kids can learn about sea creatures and marine conservation as well as the basics of scuba diving. Another suggestion is to have more interactive activities, such as an underwater treasure hunt, that can make the learning experience more fun and engaging.

What can we do after the PADI Bubblemaker Program course?

The PADI Bubblemaker Program is perfect for those who want to test the waters and see if scuba diving is for them. After completing the program, your child will receive a participation certificate, a great souvenir of their first scuba dive. If your child wants to learn more and gain official certification, they can enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver
course when they turn 10 or old enough. The Open Water Diver course will teach proper diving techniques, ocean conservation, and prepare them for diving up to 18 meters.

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Where you can follow PADI Bubblemaker Program in Sri Lanka?

This course is available at all Poseidon Diving Centres. Poseidon diving center is the first five-star PADI diving center in Sri Lanka and has been in operation for 50 years. PADI bubblemaker course is available at the best price in Hikkaduwa (October to April South Coast) and Nilaveli Trincomalee (April to September East Coast).

South Cost

Hikkaduwa Diving Centre

November – April

East Cost

Nilaveli Diving Centre

April – October

PADI Bubblemaker


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